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The Well-ness Monster

My quest to simplify wellness (for you...and for me)

Koru: a symbol in the Maori culture that represents a new fern unfurling which symbolizes new growth, strength, peace.

My quest

If you are like me, I find there are innumerable ways to be healthy and well. There is so much information out there, and it's difficult to navigate as well as understand. Therefore, my ultimate goal with this quest is to provide a resource that is rich in content, sensibly navigable, and easily implemented. Additionally, I hope to go farther than providing resources that are simple to understand--by creating tools about wellness that are even simpler to use.

A resource is a stock of supplies and strategies, and a tool is a device to carry out a function. Therefore, my quest entails that I create resources and tools--in order to educate not only others, but also myself, in all the ways of wellness practices from around the world.

First, I have to figure out how wellness is defined around the world. In other words, I need to start building my resource. Unsurprisingly, my patients ask me (not so simply) what wellness is all the time. And, then I have to provide an answer that is basically a collection of simple ideas from Chinese medicine. Thankfully, it makes sense to my patients and myself. Interestingly, I do not think any of my answers have been wrong, but they feel woefully incomplete. My patients and others seeking wellness deserve a complete, simplified, sensibly navigable, and easily implemented explanation.

Furthermore, they deserve a tool to turn that information into action. Ergot, second, I have to figure out the tools necessary to be well.

Thanks for reading :)

Check back next month for my first resource(s) and tool(s)!

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