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Image by Shifaaz shamoon

Free Wanderer tones the vagus nerve.  "Vagus" means "wanderer," and your vagus nerve literally wanders throughout your body from your brain all the way down to your cervix (in women).  The vagus nerve is integral to regulating your nervous system.  Therefore, toning it (improving the nerve's funur ction) will help you expand and regulate your nervous system, aiding in keeping you calm or bringing you back to calm quicker.


This blend is inspired by the Chinese medicine formula, Free Rambling Powder.  It's an herbal remedy that harmonizes the liver and spleen.  When the liver is impacted, it causes qi stagnation.  When the spleen is impacted, it produces dampness that feels like heaviness and stuckness in the body.   So, Free Wanderer helps you move through your more harmoniously, feeling lighter and rooted.

Free Wanderer

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