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Medicine of the Nervous System
Image by Silas Baisch
Image by Gatis Marcinkevics

Bodyfulness:  Introduction to embodiment and somatic education and reclamation


Part 1 of Root Medicine Series


This is an invitation into the deep — into your roots. 


Bodyfulness is an introduction to embodiment and somatic education and reclamation.  This workshop will introduce empowering information and practices aimed at disrupting any stagnation in the body in order to welcome more flow.  It is a softening serum to anything that may be “hard-wired” in the body.  We are innately designed to be fluid, flexible — “soft-wired.”  


This is a journey into your body, into your nervous system.  The nervous system is the queen of the body:  it is the quickest to become dysregulated but also the quickest to return to balance.


This workshop is about becoming comfortable with what is.  


What is coming up as you focus on your body?  


Can you be with your body with loving curiosity?  


Can you inhabit your body more fully without judgment?  


Can you give your body persmission to be?


  Can you give yourself permission to be?  


Can you be at home in your own body?


Bodyfulness is a transformational experience that is live in person at AHA Alchemy Healing Arts in Skaneateles, NY.  This workshop will occur Mondays (4-17, 4-24, and 5-1-23) from 6-730pm.  If you cannot attend live, you can still have online access to recordings of all the content and practices.  $222 or $111x2

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