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Pediatric Acupuncture

Safe, effective, natural solutions to your child’s health and wellness

What can acupuncture help?

  • Asthma

  • Allergies

  • Colds and flus

  • Chronic low immunity

  • Eczema and other skin rashes

  • Diarrhea

  • Constipation

  • Sleep issues

  • Stress and anxiety

  • Autism

  • Pain such as teething

  • Injuries including fracture healing, cuts, bruises

  • Vaccination support

  • And much more!

Once your child is recovered and well, acupuncture supports wellness and can prevent recurrences!

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What to Expect

Acupuncture helps to stimulate your child's body to heal itself!

In addition to acupuncture, I almost always recommend herbs, dietary changes, and massage techniques to be performed at home. 


Do kids like acupuncture? 


Yes, kids love acupuncture!!!  Generally, kids do not find the needles, or “taps,” painful at all.  I have treated my son since he was a newborn .  He has only expressed interest, fun, or boredom :)


If children are very hesitant about the “taps,” I have many non-needle techniques that are extremely effective and can be used instead of needles.  I usually demonstrate the “taps” on myself or the parent/guardian to help the child feel more comfortable.

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Pre and Post Vaccination Protocols

Chinese medicine can minimize any short and long term reactions to vaccines

Pre-vaccination protocols:  generally, I recommend children come in 2-4 times over two weeks before their scheduled vaccination.


Post-vaccination protocols:  generally, I recommend children come in within 2 days (preferably, the same day) of their vaccination, and once more the following week.

*Again, these protocols are general and will vary depending on your child’s constitution.*

Following vaccine administration, it is expected that there will be some kind of reaction such as a fever or increased sleep, which is a sign of immune system activation. 

Further Recommendations:

  • Ensure child is not hungry or tired before the vaccine

  • Do no vaccinate if your child is sick

  • Do not administer Tylenol before or after the vaccine as this will dampen the immune system’s response

  • Make sure your child rests after being vaccinated

  • Boost your child’s immune system prior (~2 weeks) and immediately following the vaccine.

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Kids Love Acupuncture!

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