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TEA:  The Embodied Apothecary Online Store *COMING SOON*

TEA or The Embodied Apothecary is in service to magic and dedicated to your magical becoming.  Herbal medicines will range from practical uses (e.g. respiratory aid) to more esoteric uses (e.g. soul-plumpening serum):  magic in the mundane and magic in the spiritual liminal realms.

Apothecary has two meanings.  An antiquated meaning referred to a person who was well versed in herbal medicine and pharmacognosy.  The more modern usage refers to a store.  In this case, The Embodied Apothecary refers to both.  I am a passionate student of herbs.  I have studied Eastern and Western traditions, specifically Chinese herbs, Ayurvedic herbs, and Western herbs in the northern hemisphere.   The store will feature medicines of my own making, inspired by both my teachers and my own embodied experience with the plants.


Sacred medicines are hand-crafted in small batches, infused with powerful energies harnessed and focused through my inner witch as well as the lunar cycles and the Earth cycles. These sacred medicines enchant the user by guiding them deeper into their bodies and knowing.  The medicines have no goal per se except to deepen connection to oneself and one's own magic and to deepen connection to the Earth and to the Earth's magic.   That will look different for everyone.  Each person is a unique expression of creation; therefore, the medicines will infuse within your body and alchemize in ways unique only to you, bringing your magic to your awareness.  What you do and how you will be with your magic is up to you.  My hope is that you will be inspired to keep connecting to yourself and your magic to intuitively create and express your true self in this world.  Because the world needs this.  Blessed Be. 

Please see below for exciting offerings to come.

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Practical Magic

Herbal remedies for the everyday:  digestion and elimination, immunity, reproductive health, sleep and intimacy, embodied beauty, kitchen witchery, hearthcraft, and home-medicine making tips and tricks, etc.

Mystica Apotheca

Magical potions for embodying enchantment.  Inspired by goddesses from around the world and my own embodied magical experience.  A spiritual pharmacy to deepen your connection to your soul and essence.

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Seasonal and Cyclical Medicines

Seasonal and cyclical care packages based on the seasons of the year and/or the seasons of your life:  Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer, Menarche, Menstrual Moon Magic, Fertility & Pregnancy, Postpartum, Perimenopause, Menopause, Vata Season, Pitta Season, Kapha season.

The Embodied Year

A year long program that includes seasonal care packages and an online live course for all of the sacred holidays on the wheel of the year:  Samhain, Winter Solstice, Imbolc, Spring Equinox, Beltaine, Summer Solstice, Lughnasa, and Autumn Equinox.

Image by Chris Jarvis

Curated with Love

I have curated a selection of products that I use personally and also recommend to my clients regularly.

The Kitara Yoni Steam Sauna

Handmade with love in Maine
Kitara started with a simple desire to create a beautifully
designed, expertly crafted, and great value yoni steam seat.

Our purpose:
To make in-home yoni steaming safe, easy,+ accessible.

Our foundational belief:
Easy access to quality products will help revitalize the yoni steam
practice across the globe, spreading embodied health and
wombspace healing. As women and yoni bodied folks heal our
connection to the feminine through intimacy and engagement
with our embodied rhythms + cycles, we will expand beyond the
confines of patriarchy, reclaim our sovereignty, and remember our
innate power and wisdom.
BelliesIncFinal110 (1).JPG

Bellies Inc. Ab System

Designed by a team of pelvic floor physiotherapists and postpartum pelvic floor fitness specialists, our Ab System has everything you need to comfortably prepare, recover and restore your core during the postpartum period.

The complete system Includes:

  • 1 Ab Wrap

  • 1 Beige Tank

  • 1 Black Tank

  • Laundry Bag

  • Core Confidence Ebook

  • Access to the Core Confidence Online Program


Recommended by Doctors, Midwives, Doulas and Physiotherapists.

Please note: This garment is NOT a waist trainer, but rather a pelvic and lower abdominal support wrap for postpartum recovery, or as temporary support in rehab movement under the guidance of a physiotherapist. It is not intended to help 'flatten your abs' and is likely not the right solution if that is your goal.

Coupon Code for 10% off:  DRANNE

Sonic Love Alchemy
Yoni Eggs and Wands

Andara Yoni Eggs and Wands are beautiful tools for womb ascension.  Andara Obsidian has been one of the most magical stones, I personally have ever worked with. It is known to carry the properties of the Feminine Diamond Light.


The greatest gift of these beings is to help us to pierce through the veils of illusion to get to the heart of the truth. Although each person’s personal truth is different. The universal truth is the same. When we work with the Diamond Light Andara Obsidian we are able to truly connect to our creation center.

Yoni Eggs (and Wands) have been used in ancient cultures of the Tao practices for hundreds of years by the Chinese White Tigress culture to strengthen and tone the muscles of the feminine reproductive system. They help to awaken the sensations and bring blood flow and Chi to awaken our sensual pleasure. As we awaken our Chi or life force in this area, we can also awaken our creation center more consciously. As you begin to work with the Andara Yoni Egg system, you will expand on the basic practices of Yoni Eggs and Wands to work more specifically with the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of our multidimensional creative being. 

Coupon code for $165 off:  DRANNE

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