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New Adult patient:  $105

Established:  $65

New Pediatric patient:  $75

Established:  $45

Acupuncture & Chiropractic

New patient:  $130

Established:  $90

Tui Na/Chinese Medical Massage

New patient:  $80

Established:  $50


New patient:  $90

Established:  $50

Chinese Herbal Consult

New patient:  $70

Established:  $30

*Virtual appts available

Vaginal Steaming

New patient:  $70 + Herbs

Established:  $30 + Herbs

*Virtual appts available

TeleHealth:  Acupressure & More

New patient:  $66

Established:  $33

TeleHealth:  Nervous System Regulation

New patient:  $66

Established:  $33

TeleHealth:  Vital Art of Self Care

New patient:  $66

Established:  $33

Holistic Breast Health

New patient:  $80

Established:  $50

*Virtual appts available

Holistic Pelvic Health & Balancing

New patient:  $90

Established:  $50

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