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Image by Thimo van Leeuwen

Root Medicine Series:

Introduction to Integrative & Regenerative Whole Woman Care

Root Medicine is a series about deeply connecting to yourself and being rooted in your essence. It is a reclamation, re-education, re-orientation, a remembering of the truth of who you are on all levels: your root self.


This series is a potent brew of root medicines from around the world: Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, Wise Woman Way, Herbal Medicine, Tantra, Womb Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Bhakti, Sangha, and many more. 


Module 1: Bodyfulness:  Introduction to embodiment and somatic education


Module 2: Booby Magic:  Treasure map to your magical medicine chest


Module 3: Yoni Magic:  Introduction to your womanly way of being and inner pharmacy


Module 4: Embodied Sensuality:  Introduction to sensual self care and presence


Module 5: Embodied Sexuality:  Introduction to sexuality as creative and life force energy


Module 6: Atlas:  Introduction to your spiritual anatomy and physiology thru the lenses of Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine


Module 7: Embodied Apothecary:  Introduction to home medicine making, kitchen witchery, and hearthcraft


Module 8: Seasons, Cycles, and Spirals:  Introduction to seasonal and cyclical living



If you wish to go deeper, I offer Root Medicine 1-1 packages that are 6 months long.  It is a journey we take together in sisterhood.  To learn more, please go to the "Offerings" page and click on "Root Medicine 1-1 package."

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