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Image by Cyrus Crossan

Holistic Pelvic Health & Balancing

These gentle treatments involve external and internal bodywork techniques, movement sequences, stretches, and breathwork to restore balance, comfort, and functionality in the pelvis. 

Balancing the pelvis for wellbeing:

  • Removes congestion and restores proper pelvic floor muscle engagement and balance

  • Supports alignment and health of abdominal viscera and associated structures

  • Improves sensation and proprioception in the pelvis including the vulva, vagina, and internal structures

  • Supports healthy menstruation and can minimize and/or resolve menstrual pain and PMS symptoms

  • Improves libido and orgasm

  • Supports fertility by creating and preparing your pelvic space for conception

  • Supports pregnancy by maintaining a healthy pelvic space

  • Better prepares body for birth

  • Facilitates healing in the postpartum period (aches and pains, mild prolapse, incontinence)

  • Supports healing after a miscarriage or abortion

  • Supports scar tissue remediation, healing, and management e.g. C-section, episiotomy, tearing, etc.

Image by Mateus Campos Felipe

Who will benefit?

  • Anyone trying to conceive

  • Pregnant moms

    • Including malpositioned babies

  • Postpartum moms (includes miscarriage and abortion)

  • SI, Pelvic, and Low back pain

  • Round ligament pain

  • Groin pain

  • Pubic Symphysis Dysfunction

  • Urinary incontinence

  • Painful intercourse

  • Weakened core and/or diastasis recti

  • Every woman!  This is a vital self care technique to add to your daily, weekly, or monthly routine.

  • Anyone desiring balance and health restored to their pelvis (including men):  Since we sit so much now, really anyone can benefit from pelvic rebalancing!

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