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Image by Isabela Martins
Image by Fanny Renaud

Holistic Breast Health

These gentle treatments will educate you on why breast care is so important and will be performed over clothing.  Currently, there is no healthcare for breasts.  It’s only diagnostic in nature.  Therefore, there is a significant gap in care. 


Breast care will help to balance hormones and the endocrine system, support detoxification, increase circulation, decrease inflammation, improves sensation.  It can also benefit breastfeeding if you are a nursing mama by preventing or healing milk duct blockages and mastitis.

What does a session look like?

  • A review of anatomy and physiology of our breasts

  • What to expect regarding natural and healthy changes to our breasts in different life stages

  • Breast massage techniques

Who is this for?

  • Every woman!  This is a vital self care technique to add to your daily, weekly, or monthly routine.

  • Fibrocystic breasts

  • Supports scar tissue remediation, healing, and management

  • Breast concerns or discomfort of any kind

  • Breastfeeding wellness or issues such as milk duct blockage, production, letdown, mastitis, and/or pain.

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