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Image by Shifaaz shamoon

This floral tea is a deeply nourishing herbal blend that aids in seeing more beauty in the world and also more beauty in yourself. Rose calms the spirit and promotes healthy circulation of qi and blood. Elderflower beautifies the skin and hair and is anti-inflammatory. Heather is a beautiful purple flower that aids digestion, sleep, and balancing the crown chakra. Tulsi or holy basil is a superfood that is deeply nourishing to the entire body especially the immune system, nervous system, heart, lungs, and kidneys. It is an uplifting adaptogenic herb that is balancing to the vata and kapha doshas in Ayurvedic medicine.


Ingredients: Organic Tulsi, Rose, Heather, Elderflower


Instructions: Take 1 tbsp of herbs and pour about 10 oz of hot water over them. Let them steep for 10 mins. Drink and enjoy!


Cautions & Contraindications: If pregnant, breastfeeding, taking medication, or have a medical condition, please consult a healthcare professional before use.


22 servings

Beauty Way

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