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Image by Shifaaz shamoon

The Selkie is a mythical creature from the Celtic Isles. She is a seal in the water, and she can take off her sealskin when on land. There are many stories of Selkies, but the one that I love most and has affected me deeply is the one where a Selkie was captured by a man who took her sealskin preventing her from returning home. She married him, and bore him children. After several years, her body grew tired and limp. Her children knew that she needed her sealskin returned so that she could return to her true home. The Selkie and her sealskin were reunited because of the children’s intuition about their mother. The mother came back to life, her soul plumpened once again. The relationship between the mother and her children grew stronger and was obviously quite different than societal expectations.


The Selkie: Soul-plumpening serum is a medicine for embodying your authentic self, your sovereign self, your fully expressed self regardless of societal expectations. I’s a about a deep faith and trust in your intuition of what’s best for you in this life.


Instructions:  Take 2-3 dropperfuls in water 1-2x/d.  Keep out of direct sunlight and heat.  Keep out of reach of children.  Do not take if pregnant.  Consult medical professional if lactating or with health condition.


Ingredients:  Organic blue vervain, motherwort, eleuthero, skullcap, hawthorne berry, oatstraw, nettles, elecampane, schisandra, borage, ashwaganda, vodka

Selkie: Soul-Plumpening serum

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