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Image by Shifaaz shamoon

An traditional Ayurvedic churna (powdered herbal blend) of nourishing, adaptogenic, sattvic herbs.  In order to move/churn a lot of life force (physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically, and spiritually), we have to make sure our vessel is taken care of.  In women, the pelvic bowl is a place of deep churning and life force movement.  Physically, this is where are pro-creative force lives in our bodies (the womb, ovaries, egg tubes, vagina, vulva, etc.).  It is absolutely vital that we take exquisite care of our pelvic bowl and its contents so that we can churn our life force and create more life (whether that is human life or otherwise).  The state of our fertility reflects our vitality and vibrancy.


Ingredients:  organic powdered shatavari, ashwaganda, guduchi, kapikacchu, vidari kanda, tulsi, dashamula, gingko, hibiscus, manjista


Instructions:  Take 1/4-1/2 tsp in warm water 1-2x/d.  Keep out of direct sunlight and heat.  Keep out of reach of children.  Consult medical professional if pregnant, lactating, or with health condition.


Cautions & Contraindications:  If pregnant, breastfeeding, taking medication, or have a medical condition, please consult a healthcare professional before use.

Churn up the Heat: For women's vitality and vibrancy

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