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Wellness Plans

Stay Well.  Be Well.  Be You.

Whether or not you’ve gone through a full care regimen with me, my wellness plans will keep you fine-tuned and living vibrantly!


Think of it like an oil change for your car:  You would never let your car burn itself out because it’s too valuable.


If you take care of your body in the same way, you’ll have many more years of healthy living.  And, your body is the most valuable resource you have.


Preventative medicine models can catch and eliminate pain patterns and other systemic dysfunctions BEFORE it becomes something that begins to affect your daily life in a negative way.


Stress, especially chronic stress, is a major factor in the onset of many conditions. A Wellness Plan is also a stress management plan.


Keeping you physically, mentally, and emotionally balanced goes an incredibly long way in keeping you healthy well into your late years.


Looking forward to working with you!

Keep doing what you love!


You’ve worked hard and invested in your health, and now it’s time to make sure you stay well for the long haul.


My affordable wellness plans are designed to help you maintain your progress and catch new health concerns before they ever become an issue.


I’ve created a few plans to keep you going strong:

The Vital Plan:  12 visits   

If you and I decide that a monthly maintenance schedule seems right for you, the Vital Plan is designed just for that. You’ll receive a discounted rate for the 12 visit types you and I decide on. This plan is flexible and can be used however you need as they are your visits. If you decide you’re feeling great and don’t need to come in that particular month, save it for that month you’re feeling like 2 visits! 

The Vibrant Plan:  24 visits 

Whether you feel like you need more support than the Vital Plan or just love the idea of treatments every other week, this is the plan for you. You’ll receive a discounted rate for 24 visit types you and I decide on. This is also the go-to plan for those of you who want a maintenance chiropractic, acupuncture, or other health service visit in the same month.


Note for all Wellness Plans:  No more than 4 visits per month allowed.  If more than 4 visits are necessary, you may need to come in to get evaluated for a new complaint or an exacerbation of an old complaint.

Why are these plans only for Established Patients? 


It’s not my intention to exclude people from wellness plans, and in fact, if you have NO regular complaints and are specifically looking for wellness care, I can make an exception for you after a consultation with me. 

The reason these plans are designed for established patients of my office is that I care about my patients and their results.


These plans are not discounts on our services!  They are benefit plans to keep our patients well and honor the time, effort, commitment, and investment they have put into their health.


I believe in my healing arts and feel it’s an injustice to those seeking help and to the medicine I practice to offer gimmicky, discount package deals. When I hear someone say “I’ve tried acupuncture or chiropractic before, and it didn’t work for me”… it begs the question:  "Why?" Because traditional natural medicine isn’t a prescription drug, and it isn’t for those who aren’t willing to do the work to help themselves. If you only showed up for 2 or 3 treatments, of course, it didn’t help because that’s not how natural medicines work.


I don’t offer package deals in lieu of real, committed care. This is why everyone looking for relief for their condition goes through an Initial Trial of Care with me to get your issue under control and proceed with wellness care afterwards.


Health and wellness is ongoing with you as a participant in your care as much as your practitioners.


Please visit  What to Expect for more information.    

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